Cloverdale Walk In Clinic

Cloverdale Walk In Clinic

The Situation

In November 2011, it was out with the old, in with the new for the Cloverdale Walk In Clinic – and today Office Manager Annette Groves is already convinced that switching to ABELMed to run their new clinic was one of the best decisions she and her colleagues ever made. After less than a week of trying to use their previous EMR in the clinic, she says, she knew it was time to abandon it due to lack of functionality and the vendor’s poor customer service.

For the doctors and other health-care practitioners working at the Cloverdale clinic, transitioning to ABELMed was not a tough decision. They all agreed with Groves that the clinic needed a more reliable EMR to manage the clinical and administrative functions. As well, many had worked with ABEL software before in other clinics.

The Cloverdale Walk In Clinic treats more than 500 patients per month. Conceived as a one-stop medical facility, the team includes two physicians plus several chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists - all striving to provide excellent patient-centered collaborative care. ABELMed’s integrated clinical and practice management features help Cloverdale’s staff deliver this exceptional care.

The Challenge

After giving up on their previous EMR, Grove’s first task was to quickly find a clinical and practice management system that would handle the unique way that her colleagues wanted to work and fit her plans to manage and grow the clinic.

The clinic also needed an easy to use EMR solution. “Before becoming the office manager for this clinic, I worked in a dental office where I used ABEL’s dental software,” says Groves. “ABELMed is very similar to ABELDent and is built on the same platform. Both are so user-friendly. I was always impressed with ABEL’s system capabilities and functionalities. And one of our chiropractors also uses ABELMed in his other location, so it was an easy choice to deploy ABELMed here in this clinic.”

The Solution

“Our whole team is happy that we selected ABELMed as our EMR because it is so intuitive and efficient, with a short learning curve,” explains Groves. “When doctors need to see a patient history or test results right away, we don’t want to be bogged down trying to find the information. With the speed of ABELMed on our computers, the records are instantly available. It’s all about efficiency, effectiveness, and being able to manage the system instead of letting the system manage us.”

She adds that it’s especially true when it comes to the number of referral letters that the clinic needs to write each week. “We use ABELMed’s built-in letter templates to generate referrals right on the system,” Groves says, “and send them electronically to the specialists. It reduces the amount of time that our professionals need to create referrals and transfer the information. And when consult notes come into our clinic from outside doctors we scan them right into ABELMed, which instantly attaches them to patient files. If one of our professionals needs to go back and look at previous notes, they’re right there on the screen.”

Groves also explains that continuity is important for a walk-in clinic like Cloverdale. “If a patient was seen before by one of our doctors or professional service providers and returns for more treatment, we need to ensure consistency of care. The provider that sees the patient on that return visit must have access to the patient’s records, test results, prescribed medications and treatments. ABELMed supports this need.” She adds, “The philosophy of our clinic is - when patients come to our clinic, we want them to leave in a better state than when they came in. ABELMed helps us achieve this goal.”

Today, the clinic uses all aspects of the ABELMed software, including the customizable templates for patient encounter notes, billing, scheduling, laboratory test requisition, and prescription features.

The Relationship

A special relationship has developed between ABEL and the Cloverdale professional team. Groves says that the comfort with service levels was one of the critical factors in choosing ABELMed. “Ongoing availability of their support staff is excellent,” she says. “If we ever have a problem, we know that ABEL can help us figure it out and they understand that our EMR is critical to our practice.”

“When I pick up the phone and call ABEL, whether it’s after hours or even on a holiday, I get a response right away. I have to say, whoever is on the other end of the phone is knowledgeable and excellent at troubleshooting. I’ve never had an issue with anyone there.”

Groves adds that ABEL has been exceptionally responsive to the clinic’s needs, especially during the switch from their previous system. She recalls, “ABEL’s technical staff was very accommodating and ensured that our transition went smoothly. They even transferred our data into ABELMed without a hitch.”

The Result

Groves looks forward to seeing the future ABELMed updates and using the new features such as connectivity to Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS), Hospital Report Manager and electronic prescribing capability to help manage the clinic’s expanding practice. She also thinks back to what might have been, speculating, “If we were still using the other EMR, we would be so frustrated. The office wouldn’t be running as smoothly as it is now.”

“When you are dealing with a number of professionals and specialties within one practice, you need to ensure that things are flowing seamlessly, not only in the examination and treatment rooms, but also at the front desk,” she concludes. “To help us manage all aspects of the clinic, ABELMed has been a wonderful addition and a great business partner.”

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