Sports Medicine Specialists

Sports Medicine Specialists

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The team at Sports Medicine Specialists (SMS) relies on ABELMed EMR and Cliniconex reminders to deliver high standards of service to their demanding clients.

Sports Medicine Specialists

SMS is a high profile specialist practice with a 60-member clinical team that includes physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, trainers, orthotics technicians and nutritionists. The clinic is considered one of the best sports medicine clinics in Canada. It caters to professional sports teams, professional dancers, high performance athletes and athletes at every stage of development. The fast paced practice in Toronto manages nearly 50,000 patient visits per year.


“We analyzed service levels and potential for growth and identified several factors that were restricting our ability to achieve desired goals” said Diane Laing, Office Manager at SMS. The clinic specifically identified the following factors:

  • Paper – A lot of time and resources were being spent pulling and distributing charts, trying to find misplaced charts and re-filing charts.
  • Fax referrals – The high number of faxes to be processed created a backlog putting responses 2 to 6 weeks behind. In addition, processing faxes was increasing the volume of paper that needed to be tracked and filed.
  • Telephone calls – The high volume of incoming calls was overloading the phone system and the front desk staff. This resulted in patient complaints and an inability to book appointments efficiently. Call volume analysis revealed that 2 to 3 of every 5 calls came from patients wanting to check the time and date of an upcoming appointment.
  • No shows – Patients were forgetting appointments or arriving late. This behavior disrupted the clinic’s workflow, reduced efficiency and made it difficult to accommodate urgent cases such as a sudden injury.


The results of their analysis led the SMS team to look for technology solutions that would help them streamline their administrative processes. Dr. Ogilvie-Harris states, “We chose to implement ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM, ABEL’s clinical and practice management software. This proved to be the single most important step towards addressing the challenges faced. We are saving considerable staff time previously spent in chart pulling and other repetitive administrative functions. Using ABELMed’s fax integration for fax referrals, we were quickly able to clear up the 2 to 6 week delay.”

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the ABELMed EMR implementation at SMS,” said Dr. V. J. Kulkarni, Medical Director at ABELMed Inc. “The substantive benefits gained by the clinic reinforce our mission to provide solutions that improve the quality of life for healthcare providers and their patients. ABELMed EMR is rich with many features that are easy to use and save time and money for the practices.”

Diane Laing further stated, “Adding Cliniconex appointment reminders to the ABELMed EMR fully equipped us to streamline our workflow, improve efficiency and provide better customer service – ultimately positioning us for growth.”

“The experience at SMS is typical for a Cliniconex customer. The integration between ABELMed EMR and Cliniconex is excellent. But it’s the care we take to integrate with actual scheduling workflow that wrings out maximum productivity gains. By fully eliminating a routine, repetitive and time consuming communication task, staff has the time for more meaningful interactions with patients,” said Anthony Mar, CEO at Cliniconex Inc.


The SMS team’s goals have been realized by implementing ABELMed EMR and Cliniconex reminders. The clinic improved service, increased growth and accrued ongoing time/cost savings as well as reduced stress levels in their busy environment.

The impact of using ABELMed’s fax integration for fax referrals was most significant in improving service and creating practice growth. Today, there is no backlog for appointments, referrals are often assigned the same day and referring doctors are responding to this improved service level by sending more referrals. Additionally, the excellent, highly responsive 24x7x365 support provided by ABELMed has eased the clinic’s transition to the new system.

By eliminating reminder call-ins, Cliniconex reminders reduced call volume by about 50%. Now, patients rarely complain about not getting through and most of the call-ins are people booking new appointments. As for no-shows, these are no longer a problem because patients are always reminded about their upcoming appointment and have an opportunity to cancel if they can no longer make the appointment. The efficiency in cancelling appointments opens up short term slots, allowing clinic staff to provide service to patients with urgent needs. Overall, front desk staff accomplishes their work more efficiently and have more time to serve patients in the office because of Cliniconex.


Good customer service is critical to patient loyalty and practice success. By streamlining processes to reduce paper and phone call volumes, ABELMed and Cliniconex help the professionals at Sports Medicine Specialists maximize productivity and provide their patients and referring doctors with the best possible service.

ABELMed Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading provider of outstanding clinical/practice management systems.

Cliniconex significantly improves clinic productivity by automating routine and repetitive communications, such as appointment reminders, patient recalls, and preventive care reminders.

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