ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM provides a complete range of electronic medical records capabilities and practice management features:

NEW – Physician Dashboard is Reimagined!

Know what you need to do and when.The dashboard helps you manage your time and outstanding work-to-do by drawing your attention to important items such as:

  • Investigations
  • Encounters
  • Appointments
  • Forms
  • Tasks

NEW – Patient Manager

  • Track patients arrival time, wait time and progression within the office

CPP/Patient Encounters/Progress Notes

  • Record findings using a mouse, keyboard, voice dictation or Tablet PC handwriting recognition - use whichever method of data entry that suits you best.
  • Improve accuracy and speed by using predefined templates for standard encounters (e.g. hypertension visit).
  • Custom design templates to fit your needs and import and export templates to share with your colleagues in other practices that use ABELMed.
  • Combine templates in a single encounter (e.g. hypertension and depression) and record additional information whenever necessary.
  • Save time by pulling in the information from a similar previous encounter (e.g. follow up of a chronic disease such as arthritis).
  • Utilize ABELMed's physician electronic signature capabilities.

Dragon Medical

ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM integrates seamlessly with Dragon Medical to save you time and money. Record voice files on-the-go, in your clinic or at the hospital. Voice files are quickly converted to text and loaded directly into your patient encounters through integration with ABELMed.


Graphing a patient's vitals or viewing pediatric growth charts makes it easier for you to detect any trends. It also makes an excellent visual aid to help explain such trends to patients.

Handwriting Recognition

Watch this video to see how you can hand write your clinical notes without creating the need for double entry!

Health Report Manager

ABELMed integrates with Health Report Manager (HRM) to save you time and money.
Click here to read more and watch the video.


ABELMed’s integrated Kiosk streamlines front desk workflow.
  • Patients can sign themselves in on a touchscreen and your team will immediately be informed of their arrival through your ABELMed Scheduler and Patient Manager.
  • Current patients can review, confirm and request updates to personal demographic information.
  • New patients get added from within the Patient Manager using the information provided by the card swipe.


  • Receive lab results electronically and get them sooner and in a clear format.
  • Results are automatically recorded in the patient's chart, along with your comments.
  • Review results on screen or print them.
  • View cumulative as a graph or as a table.
  • Reduce time wasted in "Chart Search" when a lab report arrives.
  • Measure and set therapeutic levels.
  • Utilize Lab Report templates e.g. INR flowsheets.

OLIS (Ontario Lab Information System)

Get instant access to patients’ lab test results in the OLIS database, whether these tests were ordered by you or other physicians, and quickly download test results into ABELMed. This video explains how it works.

Prescriptions Module

  • Detect potential interactions before finalizing prescriptions.
  • Print or fax the prescription directly from the patient chart.
  • Renew multiple medications simultaneously.
  • Create a list of most commonly prescribed medications and save time required to create prescriptions.
  • Add non-formulary drugs to your database.


The appointment schedule is the administrative hub of the system - most day to day tasks are just a click away from the schedule. Admin staff loves our time tested, feature rich Scheduler as it maximizes their efficiency.

  • Display any combination of days and providers - each user may view only what they need to see.
  • Custom colour-coding provides information about procedures, providers, confirmation and arrival status for each appointment.


Save time and reduce errors by recording diagnoses and procedure codes directly in the encounter and then assigning a task to billing staff to create the bill.

  • ABELMed helps you establish and maintain control of all receivables including OHIP, WSIB, Reciprocal, Third Party and Uninsured billing. Use EDT, OBEC and HCV to speed up claims processing and reconciliations while reducing submission errors.
  • Print professional invoices and monthly statements with the click of a mouse.

Chronic Disease Management Flowsheets

  • Effectively manage chronic disease patients with customizable flow sheets that track the status of their conditions.
  • Customize clinical/administrative parameters for disease tracking.
  • Receive alerts for abnormal values.
  • Receive notification if the recommended intervals for follow up are missed.

Referral and Document Management

  • Create referral letters. Generate referral letters quickly and easily from your existing encounter notes, CPP and lab results. No double entry required.
  • Track referrals. Stay on top of your referrals by tracking which referrals have been sent, which patients have been seen, which require follow-up and which need referral responses sent.
  • Manage Documents. Effectively manage patient documents such as x-ray reports consult notes which can be easily searched and retrieved.

Recalls and Contacts

The built-in recall system allows you to generate lists of patients that need to be called in for particular health maintenance and prevention activities. ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM can automatically screen for patients who need a mammogram, pap smear, flu shot or immunization so that you can send them a reminder letter or call them to book an appointment.

Referrals and Consultations

ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM gives you the ability to generate referral letters quickly and easily from your existing notes. No double entry is required. Just pull up the referral request and click on the sections of the chart that you would like to include in your letter.

Reporting and Analysis

ABELMed includes many standard reports to help you manage your practice. Report Generator lets you create custom reports with an infinite number of data combinations.

Security and Privacy

ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM includes security features that allow you to control access to the information in your system. Access to medical records can be restricted more easily than paper records. Staff access can be limited to the information that they require to do their jobs effectively.

Welch Allyn Interface

ABELMed users can import vital sign measurements directly from their Welch Allyn medical devices. Watch this video to learn more.

Work Queue

You can delegate lab-related tasks easily by using the built-in Work Queue system. It works just like email - simple and fast and it is easy to incorporate into your existing workflow.

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