ABEL's OntarioMD Vendor Collaborative Network (VCN) can provide you with the services that OntarioMD requires for funding. Call 800-267-ABEL (2235) and press 1 to register.

Overview of the New EMR Adoption Program

Do I have to join a VCN?

In order to qualify for and to continue to receive money under the New EMR Adopter Funding Program, OntarioMD requires that the physician/clinic must accept the responsibility of maintaining standards for:

   • Training
   • System Maintenance
   • Support, Security
   • Business Continuance

Physicians can either accept this responsibility personally or delegate these tasks by joining their EMR vendor’s VCN.1 If you opt not to join your EMR vendor's VCN, you must sign an EMR System Management Independent Undertaking with OntarioMD stating that you will undertake to provide these services yourself. (Please refer to questions 40-42 in the New EMR Adoption Program FAQ section on www.ontarionmd.ca)

1 This is a requirement for funding and not a requirement from ABEL for implementing ABELMed EMR in your office.

ABEL Vendor Collaborative Network (VCN)

ABEL is one of the select few vendors with an OntarioMD approved VCN. Our VCN offers the following OntarioMD requirements (services) for its members:


  1. A comprehensive training program with respect to the correct use of ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM in accordance with the best practices.
  2. An overview of how the various modules of ABELMed support common workflow within a practice.
  3. Regularly scheduled training sessions.
  4. An annual report of the effectiveness of the training program based on feedback from participating members.

IT Support

  1. A recommended IT support plan for the practice’s hardware and communication network, including ongoing capacity planning.
  2. ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM version upgrade plan that will maintain the most current version for your practice on a going-forward basis.<

Business Continuity

  1. An easily customizable disaster recovery plan template, so that patient data and clinical management data resident on your server(s) can be recovered quickly and with minimal loss.
  2. Development and implementation of a business continuity plan template for your office so that in the event of the loss of the premises and/or servers upon which your Critical Data is resident you can continue your business using the Critical Data quickly.
  3. A recommended process to provide daily off-site backups of Critical Data.

Data Migration

  1. A plan and process for migration of Critical Data.
  2. Successful annual testing of the data migration process with all other VCNs at the annual OntarioMD Data Migration Testathon.


  1. Recommended process to encrypt Critical Data to a strength of at least 128 bits, so that the Critical Data cannot be easily used if your servers are stolen or compromised.
  2. Recommended process to securely maintain all keys for decryption of the Critical Data and all usernames and passwords safe from use by persons who are not entitled to access to the Critical Data.
  3. Recommended process to keep the servers upon which the Critical Data are resident safe from unauthorized access or tampering, physically or remotely.
  4. Recommended process to maintain local area network (LAN) security in order to keep the Critical Data safe from unauthorized access. This shall include the use of a stateful packet inspection firewall and router at the perimeter of the LAN and monitoring of traffic in both directions in order to manage intrusion attempts.
  5. Recommended process to keep anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-spyware systems in place and maintained with the latest spyware and virus signatures.
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