General FAQ

Here are answers to the questions that physicians and their staff ask us most often.

Here are some of the main factors that determine the total investment required for a particular practice:

  • How many physicians and FTE nurse practitioners will be using the software?

  • How many workstations will you concurrently use the software on?

  • How much training and support will you require to help you get started?

An ABELMed Inc. Sales Associate can help you determine the best solution for your practice, and the total investment required. Call 1-800-267-ABEL (2235) for assistance.

Medical software can be a long-term investment in your practice. You should be able to experience the software in detail before making the investment. With that in mind, we created a Free Tutorial on Implementing Technology in Medical Practice, as well as a Free ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM demo CD. If you prefer a personalized demonstration, we can provide a demonstration over the Internet or in your practice.

If you prefer an in-person demonstration in your office, rather than over the internet, we will be happy to meet your needs. ABEL has Software Specialists in various cities that can also provide demonstrations and training either in your office or over the Internet. We also provide software demos that you can download or call 1-800-267-ABEL (2235) to obtain one free on CD. While evaluating our software, if you need any assistance, we can arrange for a Software Specialist to assist you.

ABELMed Inc. is dedicated to helping you find the best complete solution. Our strength is in software and related services. We believe that most physicians have better outcomes when they purchase hardware from a company that specializes in hardware. We provide free hardware advice to help ensure a smooth implementation.

ABEL has worked successfully with dozens of hardware vendors across Canada on behalf of our clients - our Sales Department may be able to recommend vendors in your area.

If you prefer to choose a hardware supplier that we have not worked with, we recommend that you select a full-service supplier that specializes in selling hardware to small businesses in your area. Pay particular attention to service level agreements and guarantees. For example, find out how long the vendor will take to provide service, and what action they will take to keep you running while your equipment is being serviced.

You may also decide to buy hardware "direct" or from a "big box" store. Whichever option you choose, system requirements and setup conventions for ABELMed are available free on our website or by telephone at 800-267-ABEL (2235).

ABELMed Inc. offers our customers a 24-hour support option! We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to assist you with any issues that may arise while using ABELMed. We employ sophisticated call tracking and Live Answer telephone systems and work diligently to provide you with a variety of ways to get support as quickly as possible. You can reach us by telephone, email and through our website.

For support during our regular support hours(see below), your call may be answered live by a Support Analyst or you may leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible - usually within a few minutes. After regular hours you may leave a message and a Support Analyst will return your call in a few minutes.

Medical Support Hours

Regular Support Hours

Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

24 hour support applies

Extended Support Hours

Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

5:00 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. EST

24 hour support applies

Administrative Support

Administrative support covers the following ABELMed features and their related functionality: billing (includes submissions and reconciliation), scheduling and demographics. Administrative features are accessible from the ABELMed tabs titled Cover, Personal, Extra, Appointments, Services, Financial, Tasks, Referrals Documents and Lab.

Clinical Support

Clinical support covers the following ABELMed features and their related functionality: CPP, Encounters, Rx and Clinical Forms.