ABEL Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Prepare For Cyber Attacks That Are Threatening Your Medical Healthcare Data

When it comes to your healthcare data, what's at risk?

Ransomware and the failure or theft of an office’s computer, hard drive, network or operating system can be catastrophic for your practice.

The loss of your financial records, patient files, documents, schedules, and more!
Without a proper contingency plan, you may not be able to replace lost or damaged data
For your Peace of Mind, we offer ABELMed RBS which provides an efficient, affordable way to put systems in place to help recover your valuable practice data

The ABEL team makes it easy for you to protect your data.
Call 1-800-267-ABEL (2235), press 1.

Our Remote Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Virtual Server Services include:

Secure backup over the Internet
  • safe, advanced encryption of your data
  • protection in transport and in cloud storage
  • automated, online, remote service – no manual effort required
  • access to your data backup when you need it
  • a retention schedule preserving data for up to 1 year
  • summary reports emailed daily
Assistance from ABEL experts
  • data restoration of your cloud backup to your local server if your local server is immediately available
  • if a disaster leaves your server unavailable for days we will restore your cloud backup to a virtual server in the cloud – providing emergency access to your ABELMed data (e.g. appointments and financials) typically within 2 to 24 hours
  • a virtual server, if required, will be available for 2 users to run ABELMed for up to 1 month
"One of our servers was compromised by ransomware (malware) that encrypted and securely deleted all our vital data. Within less than 24 hours, we were back up and running. Had it not been for ABEL's amazing support and their reliable backup service, we would have lost over 3 months worth of data. Thanks ABEL for saving us from a potential disaster!"

Sandeep Menon, IT Technician