EHR Electronic Health Record Software

See why electronic health record software can make an immediate improvement
to the overall success of your medical practice

Spending precious time pulling/filing charts, passing paper around the office, and searching for misplaced files?

Go Paperless with ABELMed! Our users love the way it streamlines the whole process of managing patient data.

  • Patient record integration – Administrative and clinical Information in concert provides optimal treatment outcomes, enhanced workflow and improved communication
  • Management support – Information is presented in a format optimized for reporting, trend-watching and forecasting
  • Increased security – Both administrative and clinical data can be completely restored to a new system
  • Dynamic records – A cumulative historical chart is created with each patient visit to add more context for treatment planning
  • Accessibility – Data is available at any place on the network allowing for timely decision making
  • More complete legible records – Enforced data-entry protocols result in better information integrity and accuracy

Why suffocate under the sheer volume of paper files?

  • Labour savings – No need to pull, organize and refile patient charts
  • Longer-lasting records – Electronic charts are protected from wear and tear
  • Automatic signatures – Charts are automatically named, dated, and time-stamp for validity
  • Easy reproduction – All records can easily be duplicated or transmitted electronically
  • Space saving – Space for storing charts becomes free for more productive use
  • Supply saving – Eliminating paper charts and X-ray film, and reduced printing can save thousands of dollars per year
Paperless Image
"My staff appreciates how the EMR supports a paperless office environment. They don’t have to deal with all that paperwork; no more pulling charts, no more putting them back."

Dr. Nashed Rashed

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