ABELMed for Physio and Rehab

Easy-to-use features and an intuitive interface simplify scheduling, billing, reporting and other daily tasks and provide you with the efficiency that is essential for you to stay competitive and expand services.

The Dashboard

Enjoy major workflow advantages through one-screen access to multiple types of information and functions. The dashboard helps you manage your time and outstanding work-to-do by drawing attention to the information you need most.

ABELMed Dashboard

Billing and Accounts Receivable

  • HCAI/WSIB eClaims
  • Telus eClaims – fast, accurate electronic insurance claims processing
  • OHIP billing and Outcome Reporting
  • MOHLTC Physio billing guidelines support
  • Financial adjustments including write-offs
  • Aged Receivables reporting
  • Detailed audit trail (invoices, payments, adjustments)
  • Pre-submission claim verification
  • Integrated Billing Sheets
  • Super codes to facilitate quick billing entry

Patient and Resource Scheduling

  • Multi-provider and resource scheduler
  • Full drag and drop appointment movement
  • Single and multiple location scheduler view
  • Quick and easy recurring appointment entry
  • One click access for most administrative functions
  • Appointment confirmation and note attachment
  • Day and Week-At-A-Glance Day Sheets
  • Automatic patient appointment flags
  • Appointment attendance reconciliation
  • Group/class scheduling
  • Extensive scheduler views and customization
  • Tracking of unscheduled pending treatment, missed appointments and cancellations

Clinical Documentation

  • OntarioMD certified EMR
  • Clinical documentation within the client record
  • Client progress notes and remarks
  • Evaluation, Re-Evaluation and Discharge reports
  • Extensive referral tracking management
  • Integrated encounter templates
  • Database integration with Microsoft Word
  • Automated carry forward of encounter notes to reduce data entry time
  • Print/view client clinical records for any date range
  • Injury claim information maintained separately by claim within the client record

Business Operations

  • Therapist and resource productivity reporting
  • Revenue and referral reports for trend analysis
  • Individual location and enterprise (multiple location) production reporting
  • Patient Portal for automated communications
  • Adobe PDF Form Integration – create regionally mandated and custom forms such as WSIB, hospital, insurance, and patient intake forms
Business Success

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