You Can Receive Patients' Health Reports
Directly into Your ABELMed EMR!

ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM v12 users have the value added capability to receive medical record (MR) and diagnostic imaging (DI) reports electronically from hospitals and certain Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) using the OntarioMD certified Health Report Manager (HRM) functionality in ABELMed EMR.

Healthcare providers have traditionally received paper-based reports from hospitals and specialty clinics by mail, fax, courier or self-pick-up. The OntarioMD certified HRM functionality in ABELMed EMR v12 reduces the chances of these reports getting lost in transit, provides almost instantaneous access to any reports uploaded by the hospitals to HRM (within 30 minutes). This assists in providing better and quicker patient care – the provider does not have to treat patients empirically while waiting for hospital reports, such as ER visit reports, to arrive by snail mail.

Medical Record (MR) Reports that can be imported into ABELMed EMR through HRM include Consultations, Discharge Summaries and Emergency and Operative Reports whereas the Diagnostic Imaging (DI) reports that may be retrieved include but are not limited to CTs, Ultrasounds, Echocardiograms, and Mammograms.

Please check here for a current list of: HRM Sending Facilities.

Key Clinician Benefits of HRM

  • Administrative and operational savings by reducing manual processes (printing, filing, scanning) associated with paper reports
  • Quicker transfer of reports improves the continuity of care
  • Hospital reports delivered directly to ABELMed EMR in electronic format. No need to scan paper reports in patient’s chart
  • Expedites creation and communication of treatment plans
  • Electronic format makes navigation / search within database for a specific hospital/specialty clinic report and specific patient information easy
  • Enhanced Personal Health Information security by eliminating the need for non-clinical staff to handle paper report

For details on Health Report Manager and other value added services, call 1-800-267-2235, press 1.